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Valero Port Arthur Refinery Helps Save Lives with Sponsorship of Gift of Life Mobile Mammography Van Site

February 12, 2020

Valero Public Affairs Manager Barbara Phillips with grateful Gift of Life clients

We extend our gratitude to Valero Port Arthur Refinery for its recent mobile mammography van site sponsorship that provided more than 30 women with free clinical breast exams and mammograms!

Valero is a valued partner in championing the Gift of Life’s mission of saving lives, sponsoring both breast and prostate cancer screenings. Since 2002, Valero Port Arthur Refinery has made available more than 700 Gift of Life free clinical breast exams and mammograms and helped extend the lives of five women who were diagnosed with breast cancer at Valero-sponsored sites and provided access to treatment.

With the support of Valero and other generous donors, the Gift of Life has helped extend the lives of more than 350 Southeast Texans who have been diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer and treated through its efforts.

The charitable support of Valero Port Arthur Refinery illuminates the company’s commitment to helping enhance healthcare services for individuals who cannot afford medical care or insurance.

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