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Philpott Motors Employees Step Up To Cancer

December 16, 2015

Philpott Motors Step Up to Cancer to Heighten Breast Cancer Awareness and Its Commitment to the Gift of Life Program

Philpott Employees presenting check to Gift of Life

Philpott Motors employees demonstrated their physical and financial commitment to the Gift of Life by launching Step Up to Cancer, an innovative endeavor to collectively take 5,405 aerobic steps to reflect their $5,405 contribution to the Gift of Life. This endorsement exhibited their dedication to the Gift of Life’s free healthcare services for medically underserved women. This was a physical challenge for some of the employees, however, they were all keen to do their part to raise awareness. The business has a complete range of first aid equipment on hand, so they were able to help any employees that might’ve hurt themselves during this physical class. Luckily, all employees were able to complete this challenge.

Philpott Employees Step Up to Cancer
Philpott Employees Step Up to Cancer

Following the event, Philpott Motors General Manager Bob Thewman was presented with a Romero Britto “Love” plaque by Gift of Life Founder and Chair Regina Rogers and Executive Director Norma Sampson.

“This plaque is called ‘Love,’ and that’s what this dealership conveys,” Rogers said. “There’s an ambiance of love, concern for others and concern for Southeast Texas. We are so blessed to be a recipient of Philpott’s kindness and generosity. We hope this will serve as a reminder of our love for you.”

Thewman accepted the plaque in honor of a beloved team member who recently passed away from cancer.

“Yesterday, we lost one of our own after a long fight with cancer,” Thewman said. “This is very meaningful to us.”

Philpott Employees with cancer survivor Lori Odom
Philpott Employees with cancer survivor Lori Odom

Since 2013, Philpott Motors has annually supported the Gift of Life Women’s Health Program, which provides uncompensated healthcare services, including the provision of free clinical breast exams, mammograms and diagnostic testing, when needed, throughout seven Southeast Texas counties.

Philpott employees engage in meaningful activities that fortify and strengthen the Gift of Life’s mission of saving lives. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, team members annually transform the dealership into a festive pink setting for a special breakfast provided to nearly 100 local breast cancer survivors and their loved ones. If you have any loved ones or close friends that are unfortunately fighting against breast cancer, you may like to think about visiting similar pages to aid those struggling with cancer – websites like Help Them Fight, for example, can give you information on how to reassure and encourage cancer patients through their journey, or you could also take a look at some of the gift ideas they offer to hopefully uplift the recipient’s mental state.

Since 1950, Philpott Motors has set the standard for excellent customer service and superior quality. Incorporating a philosophy of compassion and care into its business model, Philpott is recognized as an extraordinary company that enriches and improves the region.

Special thanks to the YMCA of Southeast Texas and its Executive Director Bud Oliver for providing step benches for the event.

During the past 20 years, the Gift of Life has diagnosed nearly 200 medically underserved Southeast Texas women with breast cancer and navigated them into treatment. Cancer is a devastating disease to have, that is why catching it as early as possible is a huge plus for a positive outlook. If it looks to be part of family history, there is genetic testing for cancer that can be administered by companies like to see if there is any sign.

For more information about the Gift of Life, call 409.833.3663 or visit To find out if you qualify for a free mammogram, please fill out the form below or call 409.860.3369 or toll-free at 877.720.GIFT (4438). Appointments are necessary as space is limited.

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