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H-E-B Helps the Gift of Life Save Lives in Southeast Texas

November 12, 2015

H-E-B Helps the Gift of Life Save Lives

H-E-B representative Doreen Borel, Gift of Life client, Gift of Life Program Services Manager Christina Morris, H-E-B representative

Thanks to the extraordinary support of H-E-B, more than 35 medically underserved Southeast Texas women received free clinical breast exams and mammograms from the Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program.

Gift of Life clients
Gift of Life clients

“The Gift of Life is helping a lot of people,” said a client from the H-E-B-sponsored site. “Everybody should get checked, but not everybody has the money. It is good that this program and H-E-B are giving them the opportunity.”

For more than 100 years, H-E-B’s community involvement has been a core tenet of its successful business practices, supporting such initiatives as the H-E-B Food Bank Assistance Program and the Spirit of H-E-B trailer, which provides on-site relief in areas devastated by natural disasters.

Always keeping an ample amount of goodwill in stock, H-E-B embraces causes that support education, hunger awareness, economic opportunity development, recreation, research and the arts.

Calling it a “Spirit of Giving,” H-E-B annually contributes five percent of pre-tax earnings to public and charitable programs since the 1930s, favoring local non-profit organizations that make a visible and positive difference in the community.

H-E-B has shared a personal passion for cancer prevention, education and services for the medically underserved in Southeast Texas by sponsoring numerous Gift of Life events and initiatives for the past 15 years.

Gift of Life scheduler Martha Suarez with Gift of Life client and family
Gift of Life scheduler Martha Suarez with Gift of Life client and family

Since 2011, H-E-B has generously co-sponsored the Gift of Life’s Julie Richardson Procter 5K Ribbon Run and donated refreshments to participating runners and volunteers. The company also makes available free prostate cancer screenings for hundreds of men at Gift of Life screenings and sponsors a Gift of Life Mobile Mammography Van Site, which has provided nearly 100 free clinical breast exams and mammograms for medically underserved women. To date, the company’s sponsorship has led to the diagnosis of prostate cancer in four men, with treatment costs entirely underwritten by the Gift of Life, and breast cancer in one woman, who was navigated through treatment.

The Gift of Life is accepting new client applications. FREE mammograms and clinical breast exams are provided to women with limited income and who do not have private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

To find out if you qualify for a free mammogram, please call the Gift of Life at (409) 860-3369 or toll-free at (877) 720-GIFT (4438), or fill out the form below.

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