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Gift of Life and BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC: Saving Lives in Southeast Texas

October 27, 2016

Thanks to the extraordinary support of BASF TOTAL Petrochemical LLC, nearly 40 medically underserved Southeast Texas women received free preventative health screenings, clinical breast exams and mammograms from the Gift of Life.

Since 2000, BASF TOTAL has been a committed champion of the Gift of Life Breast Cancer Program, generously contributing essential funds to help the organization provide free clinical breast exams and mammograms for Southeast Texas medically underserved women.

Each year, the company sponsors four UTMB mobile mammography van sites: two sites through BASF TOTAL, with an additional two sites underwritten by its Miracle Match for Life sponsorship. A collaborative effort of BASF and Total, Miracle Match for Life promotes the importance of cancer screening and prevention in Southeast Texas, marrow donors and blood donations. Annually, Miracle Match for Life hosts a golf tournament with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Gift of Life.

Benevolent support from BASF TOTAL and Miracle Match for Life have made available nearly 2,200 free clinical breast exams and mammograms and helped to extend the lives of 14 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer at BASF TOTAL or Miracle Match for Life screening sites and were navigated into treatment by the Gift of Life.

My cousin died from breast cancer. That’s why I know the importance of getting a mammogram once a year. Several members of my family have had different kinds of cancers. It’s just scary to know that I have a higher risk. I feel very fortunate to have this service in my community. – Gift of Life client at BASF-sponsored van site

BASF TOTAL also endorses the Gift of Life’s Prostate Cancer Program that provides primary care tests and prostate cancer screenings for medically underserved Southeast Texas men.

In 2004, BASF TOTAL’s extraordinary community impact was recognized by the Gift of Life with its distinguished Corporate “Spirit of Love” Award for the company’s outstanding leadership and support of the organization’s mission to provide quality healthcare for medically underserved individuals.

At this year’s BASF-sponsored van site at Procter Baptist Church, the Gift of Life, through its medical collaboration with the Port Arthur Health Department healthcare representatives, provided preventative healthcare screenings, including blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol. Education regarding breast cancer, skin cancer, tobacco prevention and nutrition was also provided to encourage healthy lifestyle practices that reduce the risk of disease. BASF’s generous support of Gift of Life preventative healthcare initiatives greatly enhances the community’s health and well-being.

The Gift of Life is also fortunate to have the support of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, a program that strives to increase awareness of the lifesaving benefits of early detection of breast cancer.  For six years, the Gift of Life has benefited from funding through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade’s Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP), which funds 56 community outreach and breast cancer screening programs nationwide in an effort to link medically underserved women to breast health education and screening services. Low-income, under-insured, and other marginalized populations often need targeted, customized approaches to help them obtain regular mammograms and clinical breast exams. Through the Avon BHOP, the Gift of Life is empowered to offer these lifesaving services throughout seven Southeast Texas counties.

With the support of BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC, Avon BHOP and other generous donors, ​the Gift of Life has helped extend the lives of more than 275 Southeast Texans who have been diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer and treated through its efforts.

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