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Educational Outreach

Through a myriad of outreach encounters, Gift of Life shares the lifesaving importance of a healthy lifestyle and early cancer detection.

Charline & Sidney “Chief” Dauphin
Educational Outreach Program

Gift of Life’s Charline & Sidney “Chief” Dauphin Educational Outreach Program provides extensive awareness information and materials to individuals across the region to empower them to take charge of their health. The program encourages healthy lifestyle choices which greatly reduces cancer risks.

Robin and Charline Dauphin

HOPE Resources

Gift of Life’s HOPE (Health, Outreach, Prevention and Education) initiative provides essential education and resources across the region. Through the year, the organization distributes e-newsletters, social media campaigns, programming, and healthy living materials to empower others to be informed advocates for their own health. Gift of Life literature can be accessed, downloaded and shared through the HOPE Resources page.

Local Students Access Gift of Life Educational Resources

Don't Smoke (or Vape) Your Life Away!

Gift of Life’s Don’t Smoke (or Vape) Your Life Away Program empowers the community with invaluable information in the fight against tobacco and vaping. The program educates the youth and adults about the risks of smoking and vaping to reduce disease and death.

Gift of Life Don’t Smoke
Your Life Away Participants

Julie Richardson Procter Ovarian Cancer
Educational Awareness Initiative

In 2011, Gift of Life expanded its mission to include outreach awareness for ovarian and other gynecological cancers following the passing of its devoted board member, Julie Richardson Procter, at the age of 51. The Julie Richardson Procter Ovarian Cancer Educational Awareness Initiative was established by Beau Procter, in loving memory of his dear wife, to provide information about the signs and symptoms of this devastating disease. Each year, Gift of Life raises awareness of this critical initiative with the Julie Richardson Procter 5K Ribbon Run which reaches thousands of participants each year.

Julie Richardson Procter

Canda Kessler Brain Cancer Awareness Initiative

Canda Kessler battled an aggressive form of brain cancer for 20 months with courage, strength and optimism. During her illness, she expressed more concern for others than herself. Though she lost her battle in 2010, Canda continues to impact the lives of others through the Canda Kessler Brain Cancer Awareness Fund that her husband, Mike, established as part of her legacy. The initiative raises awareness of brain cancers and provides comfort and strength to individuals and families affected by the disease.

Canda Kessler

Gerald "Jerry" Klein Esophageal Cancer Awareness Initiative

Jerry Klein could brighten anyone’s day with his smile and words of encouragement. His commitment to Gift of Life motivated others to become involved with the organization he loved. His positive approach to life, along with tremendous support from his family and friends, enabled him to face esophageal cancer with courage and optimism, despite succumbing to the disease in 2010. Jerry’s wife, Pat, continues his legacy through the Gerald “Jerry” Klein Esophageal Cancer Awareness Fund, which educates thousands of Southeast Texans about the early warning signs of the disease.

Gerald “Jerry” Klein

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