Gift of Life Tobacco Control Coalition of Southeast Texas

Our Goals

• Prevent initiation of tobacco products among young people and adults
• Reduce appeal and acceptability of tobacco use
• Implement tobacco cessation initiatives
• Reduce secondhand smoke exposure
• Reduce tobacco-related disease and death


Why was the Gift of Life Tobacco Control Coalition of Southeast Texas formed?

The Gift of Life Officers and Board of Directors and the organization’s medical advisors recognize the critical need to reduce tobacco usage in Southeast Texas. With the knowledge that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable illness and death, and that one-third of all cancer deaths can be attributed to tobacco, the organization is targeting its resources towards a regional tobacco control awareness effort to save lives.

How can the TCCSETX reduce the harm caused by tobacco?

Through the development of regional public awareness initiatives showcasing the “truth of tobacco” with educational information and materials distributed that profile the devastating healthcare, physical and economic impact from tobacco products. The tobacco industry spends more than $8.8 billion annually on marketing and advertising, with $586.4 million specially allocated for marketing in the state of Texas. Scientific evidence supports that one of the best ways to reduce the power of tobacco marketing is an aggressive public education campaign.

What is the mission and the goals of the TCCSETX?

The mission is to reduce the harm caused by tobacco. The goals are to prevent the initiation of tobacco use among young people and adults, reduce the appeal and acceptability of tobacco use, implement tobacco cessation initiatives reduce secondhand smoke exposure, which will contribute to the reductions in tobacco-related diseases and deaths.

What are Community Alliances?

Community groups that are comprised of volunteers who will serve as advisors to the TCCSETX and ambassadors of its goals. Community Alliances include: business, education, faith-based organizations, government agencies, healthcare groups, media, non-profit organizations and youth.

How can I learn more or volunteer to serve on a Community Alliance?

Call the Gift of Life at 409.833.3663 to learn how you can be a part of the solution.

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